Pansy Summer Love

Hi, I want to tell you a story that happened not so long ago – it was summer and it was going to be my freshman year in college that year. And that was the summer that changed my life. Some of my good friends and I went to spend our vacations at the seaside. We rented a nice bungalow right on the beach and first of all decided to make a big party, celebrating our summer freedom. We’ve been a tight-knit combo for quite long – the four of us, we were young, handsome and testosterone-replete. I should say that before that I never noticed any attraction to males; I had a girlfriend and we had sex as others, nothing so much outstanding, but still…
Well, ok, it went as it went; we settled in chosen bedrooms – I chose the same as M* – a smart, well-groomed guy with blue eyes and light hair. We’d already bought what we needed for the party, so, decided “to try the water” and went up to change clothes. M* and I ran in our room, laughing, and started to tear off briefs and t-shirts tripping over each other. But when I saw his bold naked body, laughter lodged in my throat as right out of the blue to myself I felt like melting inside, with my heart beating mad in the chest. He was laughing with joy, hoping along, trying to stick his other leg in punts and his tool was dangling up and down magnetizing me like an ice-cream. I got stunned by the fact that I want my best friend – a guy I’ve known for ages and I can’t almost stand rushing on him with hot kisses. At this very moment he caught my strained glance and stopped laughing. I felt so embarrassed that tried to turn it into a joke, saying something about stupid bullies and harm of muscle pills, we laughed again and acted as nothing happened. I spent in a fog that day, and lied all night without a wink at sleep till early morning. When I opened my eyes from M*’s jogging my shoulder it was late afternoon. Hell, he was sitting on my bed and he was too close! My throat ran dry.
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A Gay Fluke at the Hotel

We arrived at the hotel, checked-in and went up to our room. When we opened the door, we realized that a big mistake occurred, as there was only one bed inside. I felt a little embarrassed, and wanted to down to the reception and demand another room with two beds in. But Stan, who gave me a strange look said to stop hustling about as the bed is huge and there will be no problem for him and he’s too tired to move anywhere and so on. So, I agreed, as if he saw no problems in the situation, I saw neither, besides I was tired to death after the train too. Stan and I were 22 years old, and we were friends since our first year in college.
So, we, settled, took a shower after each other, went down for meals and then put out to explore the city. We were back late at night drunk and absolutely happy. I went to the shower, and Stan switched on TV. When I came out, almost snoozing I saw Stan lying on bed and watching porno channel. He asked if I mind, but frankly, I didn’t care dreaming about my head on the soft pillow. The moment I took the horizontal position I ‘passed away’ at once.
I saw a wonderful dream – as Jess – a smart piece of tail in our company – kisses and licks my dick, that’s grown hard and big.
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Hello world!

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